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The Equalizer

  • Season 1
  • 10 episodes
  • Drama

Episode 3: Judgement Day


McCall tries to help an escaped prisoner who has been wrongly accused of murder and is now distrustful of the justice system. Crime drama, starring Queen Latifah.


Can retired superspy Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah) help an escaped convict wrongly convicted of murder clear his name? You’d be a fool to bet against her as the reboot of the fondly remembered 80s action series trundles into its third week. Merrily ticking off clichés (Washed-up boozy lawyer? Angsty noble cop? Hard-nosed female DA? Tick, tick, tick…), it’s solid adventure telly, but not much more. 

Latifah’s charisma carries you over some of the bumpy spots (and it’s great to see Adam Goldberg as her grumpy tech support, not to mention Chris Noth as her old agency pal), but the whole thing is shackled by its rigid mystery-of-the-week format. Without a bigger dollop of ongoing story, this Equalizer is going to struggle to break even.

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