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  • 2021
  • Season 2
  • 6 episodes
  • Drama


Drama series. Baptiste delves into the criminal underworld of the red light district.


Episode 2: Baptiste


Julien and Zsofia track down the tattooed man, but he gives little away under questioning. Things escalate when the police receive a hostage video. Zsofia also has to protect her father, who is being threatened by a gang of thugs who hang around outside his shop. In the flash forward to 14 months later, Julien is desperate to leave the search for Emma's sons in the past - but she wants him back on the case and reminds him that he owes her.


Distraught British ambassador Emma Chambers is desperate for news of her missing teenage sons. In the “14 months earlier” timeframe she rages at the Budapest police but in the present day – where she uses a wheelchair, though we don’t yet know why – she has taken the law into her own hands. She has the kidnappers’ accomplice captive and she wants Baptiste to use him to help their search.

As always with this series and with Missing before it, the twin timeframes ripple and distort. At one stage, a character is wired up for surveillance but the signal keeps cutting out – which is pretty much how the whole drama feels. It’s a story with gaps, a double narrative with holes and glitches that taunt us. 

It doesn’t make for an easy watch (there are harrowing moments tonight, be warned) but with actors as good as Fiona Shaw and Tcheky Karyo, we stay hooked. At one stage Emma says to Julien, “You are an odd fellow,” and it’s hard to disagree.

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Julien BaptisteTcheky Karyo
Emma ChambersFiona Shaw
Celia BaptisteAnastasia Hille
Alex ChambersStuart Campbell
Will ChambersConrad Khan
Zsofia ArslanDorka Gryllus
Andras JusztMiklos Beres
NadeemAce Bhatti
Kamilla AgostonGabriella Hamori
MehmetKevork Malikyan
BalazsAtanaz Babinchak
ViktorDavid Zoltan Miller
TobyJamie Maclachlan
GraceCaroline Boulton
Girl at NA meetingEmma D'Arcy
Police desk sergeantGusztav Molnar
Embassy security guardDavid Alwyn


DirectorThomas Napper
Executive producerJack Williams
Executive producerHarry Williams
Executive producerTommy Bulfin
Executive producerChristopher Aird
ProducerJohn Griffin
WriterJack Williams
WriterHarry Williams

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Wise old sleuth Julien Baptiste returns to our screens in search of more lost souls. But he’s in a bad way. Tchéky Karyo has the ability to look equally like a groovy history don or a down-and-out, and he is called on for both here.

Baptiste, like The Missing, from which it spun off, is written by Harry and Jack Williams, so you won’t be surprised to learn it unfolds in two time frames: one where Julien, now separated from his wife, travels to Hungary to help find the family of British ambassador Emma Chambers (Fiona Shaw); then another, 14 months later, where Emma is in a wheelchair – but why? – and Julien looks like a shaggy alcoholic.

The writers do a great job of reeling us in, as Emma’s husband and teenage sons disappear from a mountain hotel. And as ever, Julien is fascinating, a sort of Zen Poirot in a donkey jacket. He’ll find the truth, but it will get messy along the way. The whole series is available on iPlayer from tonight.

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