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  • 2021
  • Season 2
  • 6 episodes
  • Drama


Drama series. Baptiste delves into the criminal underworld of the red light district.


Episode 4: Baptiste


After the events at Jósefváros, Emma's hopes are dashed. In the present day, Kamilla and her husband lead Julien and Emma to a dramatic discovery. Detective drama, starring Tcheky Karyo and Fiona Shaw.


This drama has racked up impressive ratings of more than six million, and many viewers hooked on odd couple Julien and Emma’s quest may already have followed the story to its finish on iPlayer. If you’re not among them, then tonight is one of those intermediate, treading-water chapters that even the best dramas sometimes rely on. 

We see the fallout from last week’s mass shooting: Emma paralysed in hospital, Budapest cop Zsofia losing her job, and Julien reluctant to be hailed as the action hero he briefly – and disastrously – became. 

The plot does sort of thicken: in addition to the slightly broad-brush far-right politics that is woven through the story we also get that thriller standby, the wicked property developer. Yes, him again. 

But underneath all that, there’s an interesting psychological theme about the workings of loss and regret. Emma thinks Julien is pursuing her son to make amends: “Do you think if you find him you can bring back your daughter?”

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Julien BaptisteTcheky Karyo
Emma ChambersFiona Shaw
Celia BaptisteAnastasia Hille
Alex ChambersStuart Campbell
Will ChambersConrad Khan
Zsofia ArslanDorka Gryllus
NadeemAce Bhatti
Kamilla AgostonGabriella Hamori
MichaelPeter Sullivan
MehmetKevork Malikyan
BalazsAtanaz Babinchak
KatalinEva Magyar
ViktorDavid Zoltan Miller
KataBernadett Ostorhazi
MarcLaurent Winkler
Man in barArmen Georgian
Teenager on estateKrisztian Csakvari
Crime scene officerKristina Biro
ReporterUna Kovac
College lecturerJudit Fekete


DirectorHong Khaou
Executive producerJack Williams
Executive producerHarry Williams
Executive producerChristopher Aird
Executive producerTommy Bulfin
ProducerJohn Griffin
WriterJack Williams
WriterHarry Williams

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Wise old sleuth Julien Baptiste returns to our screens in search of more lost souls. But he’s in a bad way. Tchéky Karyo has the ability to look equally like a groovy history don or a down-and-out, and he is called on for both here.

Baptiste, like The Missing, from which it spun off, is written by Harry and Jack Williams, so you won’t be surprised to learn it unfolds in two time frames: one where Julien, now separated from his wife, travels to Hungary to help find the family of British ambassador Emma Chambers (Fiona Shaw); then another, 14 months later, where Emma is in a wheelchair – but why? – and Julien looks like a shaggy alcoholic.

The writers do a great job of reeling us in, as Emma’s husband and teenage sons disappear from a mountain hotel. And as ever, Julien is fascinating, a sort of Zen Poirot in a donkey jacket. He’ll find the truth, but it will get messy along the way. The whole series is available on iPlayer from tonight.

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