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Grizzy and the Lemmings

  • Season 3
  • Children's

Lemming Fortune/Tough Medicine/Domestic Shaolin/Peaceable Enemies/The Legend Of The Lemmings/Dragons & Bears


When Grizzy propels the Lemmings out of the log cabin perched on the Great Wall of China, the critters land on a small traditional house in a bamboo forest. / The Lemmings love sesame nougat but Grizzy, who adores this treat too, steals their box. Quite upset, the rodents search for more, in vain. / After being thrown out of the log cabin by Grizzy, the Lemmings find a dragon statue with a mysterious stone in a temple. / Grizzy and the Lemmings fight over the tablet. During their scuffle, they knock over an army crate which falls into the middle of the bamboo forest surrounding the cabin. / The Lemmings create a shadow puppet show where seven papercut lemmings confront a bear over a jar of Yummy chocolate spread. / As Grizzy relaxes in the massage chair, a cloud drifts in front of the sun, immediately stopping the electricity supply in the log cabin.

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