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Super Wings

  • 2021
  • Season 5
  • Children's


Super Wings is an action-packed upper-preschool series about friendship and teamwork. Jett is an adorable plane who travels around different cities in the world, delivering packages to children. Jett will encounter some challenges, but get around each situation with the help of his friends. In Season 5, our Super Wings heroes are aided by their new, adorable companions: the Super Pets!


Super Wings Day/Butterfly Rescue/Pisa Pasta Panic/Spinning Tops


World Aircraft returns to World Airport for a special day of races in front of the Super Wings' biggest fans - the children of the world! / A girl living in Michoacán, Mexico orders a pair of costume butterfly wings and a flower crown. / Jett delivers a Pasta Making Machine to a boy in Pisa, Italy. The machine is to help him win a contest for the biggest noodle in town. / Jett delivers a Spinning Top to a boy, Kenta, in Sapporo, Japan! Kenta wants to use the top to enter the Spinning Top Competition at the local Snow Festival.

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