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Before We Die

  • Season 1
  • 6 episodes
  • Drama

Episode 5: Before We Die


Hannah and Billy know how the Mimicas plan to smuggle the drugs into the UK. But with Christian out of action, they have no clue when or where the consignment will be delivered. Meanwhile, when another drug dealer confesses to Sean's murder, it looks like the criminal family will get away with it - until Bianca makes a discovery that turns everything on its head.


Poor waiter/gangster/mole Christian is suffering. All that undercover work informing on the Croatian crime gang has taken a toll, and they peer-pressured him to commit a murder that now haunts him. Christian’s mother (who isn’t technically his police handler but might as well be) offers tough-love advice: “You’re hard wired to survive and you did.” 

But I’m not sure he’s cut out for this kind of thing, and to make matters worse, his beloved Bianca is ghosting him. (It was her fiancé he killed, technically.) She, meanwhile, must cope with a family celebration and some amateur espionage of her own.

As the plot inches forward, there are off-notes and tinkling implausibilities that may distract you. Best to focus on the fact that in a week when schedules are swamped with football, we’re not spoilt for choice on the drama front. Even if this is one where the line “If I told you that I’d have to kill you” can still make the grade.

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Hannah LaingLesley Sharp
Christian RadicPatrick Gibson
Bianca MimicaIssy Knopfler
Billy MurdochVincent Regan
Davor MimicaToni Gojanovic
ZefiJehon Gorani
MarcusJohn O'Connor
RachelTess Bryant
Andri KabashiMickey Angelov
FranNisha Nayar
Dubravka MimicaKazia Pelka
Sean HardacreBill Ward
PavleRino Sokol
ZvonomirRyszard Turbiasz
Tina CarterRebecca Scroggs
KaneSteve Toussaint
JovanTijmen Govaerts
EddieDimitry Loubry
ZlatkoGuray Nalbant
Zefi's associateKristof Coenen
SolicitorBridgitta Roy
Police officerPriscilla Adade


DirectorJan Matthys
Executive producerJo McGrath
Executive producerWalter Iuzzolino
ProducerBert Hamelinck
ProducerRobin Kerremans
ProducerDimitri Verbeeck
WriterMatt Baker

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