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  • Season 5
  • 15 episodes
  • Drama

Episode 9: Rails + Pitons + Pulley + Pipe + Salt


When the team is unable to prevent Department of defence intel from falling into Codex's hands, Angus must scale a vertical cliff using only gear he can cobble together himself to prevent the information's transmission.


A hard drive full of American state secrets has been filched and Mac must get it back. But honestly, he could be seeking to retrieve anything that, if released, would cause untold pain and misery. A bomb. A nerve agent. Another series of Love Island. What really matters are the improvisations he comes up with in the field which, this week, see him fashioning a rudimentary train out of farm machinery and mountain-climbing gear from car parts.

Almost as entertaining is the Budgens Bond villain who makes the mistake of explaining the intricacies of his evil plan while languidly eating an apple. Not a good idea when you have someone as resourceful as Desi held captive.

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Angus MacGyverLucas Till
Riley DavisTristin Mays
Wilt BozerJustin Hires
Matty WebberMeredith Eaton
Desi NguyenLevy Tran
Russ TaylorHenry Ian Cusick

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Marvel isn’t the only media franchise to have a shared universe, you know. In case you weren’t aware, characters from MacGyver, Magnum PI and Hawaii Five-O have all been known to drop in on each other – the latest being conspiracy theorist (sorry, “truth seeker”) Jerry Ortega (Jorge Garcia), who’s temporarily left the islands to pay the Phoenix Foundation a welcome visit.

As well as sharing some leftfield theories about the Moon landings being staged in Montana and AI taking over the planet, Jerry also has in his possession valuable intel about Codex, the apocalyptic death cult who always seem to be one step ahead of our heroes. What he isn’t expecting, though, is to then be sent out on an undercover mission of his own...

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