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Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping

  • Season 1
  • 4 episodes
  • Documentary

Episode 4: Johnny Vegas: Carry on Glamping


After two gruelling years during which Johnny Vegas has seen his plans for his glampsite hit by every problem imaginable, he is finally ready for the grand unveiling. Unfortunately, it's in front of his harshest critics - his family and friends. With the final vehicles arriving, there's time for Johnny to deceive his assistant Bev one more time, before he presents her with the 1950s camper van he bought and restored as a gift. As last-minute preparations on the site continue, Johnny inspects the renovated fire truck which quickly takes a wrong turn as he manages to get stuck on the roof, and things get worse from there. As he and Bev prepare for the arrival of the much-loved Maltese bus that started the whole adventure, disaster strikes one final time.


It’s odd to say that a documentary series about a comedian’s quest to set up a glamping site ends as a touching paean to kindness and friendship, yet that’s just what Carry On Glamping achieves, thanks to Johnny Vegas, a thoughtful man who wears his heart on both sleeves. Just watch as he presents his best friend/assistant Bev with the most beautiful gift…
There are bumps along the way, including one spectacular crash we’ve seen coming since the start, when Vegas’s adored, painstakingly restored Maltese school bus named after his late mum Patricia arrives on the site at a Yorkshire farm: its brakes fail and it crashes into a barn. 
Vegas and Bev are heartbroken and tearful. But it’s not the end of the world. Vegas and Bev rally and by the end he’s proud: “My career’s all about ranting, but I don’t want to rant. I want to embrace…”

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ContributorJohnny Vegas


DirectorWill Fisher
Executive producerWill Daws
Executive producerStuart Cabb

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