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Second Hand for 50 Grand

  • Season 1


A look behind the scenes of the pre-owned luxury market and leading firm Xupes, who track down second-hand, high-end goods, from Cartier to Prada, worth upwards from £2000 to £200k


Episode 1: Second Hand for 50 Grand


Behind the scenes of a company that tracks down luxury second-hand items, going the extra mile to hunt down the exact handbags, watches and jewellery on their clients' wish-lists and find out the personal stories behind them. Window cleaner Grant's dad wants to buy him a Cartier watch as a thank you for looking after him. Rebecca asks head of handbags Reece to scour the globe for an exact match to a stolen Prada bag gifted by her late mother. Meanwhile, firefighter Hywell has received a watch from his Grandad. If the team can prove that it's genuine, then Hywell's life is about to change for ever.


This is one of those how-the-other-half-live shows where we blink in amazement at a world of big-spending luxury. In this case, the luxury is “pre-owned”: vintage watches and handbags sold from the Hertfordshire HQ of Xupes, a thatched barn that looks (from the outside) like a gussied-up version of The Repair Shop. 

If you want a 1960s Rolex Daytona as worn by Paul Newman or a very specific Prada tote like the one you once owned but had stolen, this is the shop for you — assuming you can afford it. As the team there buy and sell their collectors’ items, we also meet the clients. “Collecting is an illness, an addiction,” sighs Mark, whose drawers full of sunglasses and cache of watches bear witness to that. Window cleaner Grant also has a thing for watches: “When you look like you’re doing well, it can rub off on people,” he explains.

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DirectorTom Green
Executive producerMatt Drury
ProducerTom Green

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