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Call the Midwife

  • 2021
  • Season 10
  • 7 episodes
  • Drama


A moving and intimate insight into the colourful world of midwifery in 1960s east London.


Episode 1: Call the Midwife


New series. Controversial plans are afoot to introduce a private clinic to Nonnatus House. The proposition leads to the first disagreement in 20 years between Sister Julienne, who sees the potential to generate income, and Dr Turner, who opposes private healthcare on principle. Shelagh feels caught in the middle of their conflict, while Trixie is delighted by the opportunity of working at the new clinic. Sister Monica Joan's crisis of faith continues to trouble her, a baby is born with no legs below the knees, and Lucille helps Cyril find the perfect accommodation that will benefit him and the Church.


The series that acts as a soothing balm for the nation is back, but we begin with the rare sight of friction between Sister Julienne and Dr Turner. It appears that Nonnatus House is cash-strapped, so Trixie is being loaned out in a spanking new uniform to a posh private clinic so that income can be generated. But Dr T is bristling and starts making digs about private health care being a betrayal of all that he’s worked for. It’s the closest he and Sister Julienne have come to cross words in all the time we’ve known them, which is now precious close to a decade.

This tenth series is situated in the spring of 1966 (we know this because the Jules Rimet trophy has been stolen and Softly, Softly is on the telly) and there’s the definite sense that this is an era of big change. But what remains a constant is the understated wisdom of Heidi Thomas’s scripts and the emotional pull of those birthing scenes, which tonight see two next-door neighbours having very different experiences.

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Sister JulienneJenny Agutter
Nurse Phyllis CraneLinda Bassett
Sister Monica JoanJudy Parfitt
Nurse Trixie FranklinHelen George
Nurse Shelagh TurnerLaura Main
Nurse Lucille AndersonLeonie Elliott
Dr Patrick TurnerStephen McGann
Fred BuckleCliff Parisi
Violet BuckleAnnabelle Apsion
Sister FrancesElla Bruccoleri
Sister HildaFenella Woolgar
Miss Millicent HigginsGeorgie Glen
Cyril RobinsonZephryn Taitte
Angela TurnerAlice Brown
May TangApril Rae Hoang
Teddy TurnerEdward Shaw
Matthew AylwardOlly Rix
Glenys WinchSarah Twomey
Audrey FlemingKathryn Wilder
Derek FlemingJack Colgrave Hirst
Bobby DelamoreKieran Hill
Mr ScarisbrickRichard Dillane
Fiona AylwardJo Herbert
Phil WinchJames Bailey
Mrs WallaceLinda Hargreaves
Voice of mature Jennifer WorthVanessa Redgrave


DirectorAnn Tricklebank
Executive producerHeidi Thomas
Executive producerPippa Harris
Executive producerAnn Tricklebank
ProducerAnn Tricklebank
WriterHeidi Thomas

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