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My Very First

  • Season 3
  • Children's


Documentary series following a group of children as they discover, learn and experience things for the first time.


Episode 10: Month 19-Self-care


Join 19-month-old Jac and Jemima as they discover the world around them and start to learn how to care for themselves. Jac brushes his hair as he gets ready for the day, and Jemima chooses what she wants to wear. Once ready, Jac’s family visits a local farm shop where they choose a plant and get to pick vegetables! Meanwhile, Jemima goes to a play cafe, where she enjoys a tea party with mum and dad. Back at home, Jac and dad plant their new greenery and talk about how it’ll grow big and tall, just like Jac! Jemima finishes the day with painting flowers using her hands, but she must remember to wash them afterwards! Jac has his very first haircut - what will he think? Finally, after learning how to do so many new things, they both get ready for bed. Remember, every child develops differently. Last in the series.

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