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Keeping Faith

  • 2021
  • Season 3
  • 6 episodes
  • Drama


Faith and Cerys take on the case of a 14 year-old with an aggresssive brain tumour. Meanwhile, Faith and Evan are at loggerheads, and an unwanted visitor returns, threatening Faith's future.


Episode 4: Keeping Faith


The search for information about Rose's past leads Faith to seek out an old friend from the Metropolitan Police, but she is taken aback when she discovers just how dark her mother's secrets are. The discovery prompts her to open up about a disturbing incident when she was 15. Osian's case progresses to the Court of Appeal in London - the last chance for justice - and Evan continues to keep a close eye on his ex-wife.


The way Rose Fairchild (Celia Imrie) is going, she could single-handedly solve Abercorran’s unemployment problems. “I’ve got a job for you,” she says to almost everyone she meets. The downside is that these jobs aren’t legal, of course. 

While she’s busy doing that, Faith (Eve Myles) is in London at the High Court having persuaded a distraught Mike Taylor (Matthew Aubrey) to lodge an appeal over his son’s right to have an operation. You’ve got to feel sorry for the poor man, he’s been pulled and pushed all ways over this impossible dilemma. You might also feel a little bit sorry for DI Laurence Breeze (Rhashan Stone), yet another fellow who wants to be more than just a good friend to Faith. 
Back in Wales, the police find a corpse and we learn why Faith keeps an old screwdriver in her box of memorabilia. It’s got nothing to do with her passion for DIY.

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Faith HowellsEve Myles
Cerys JonesHannah Daniel
GarethSion Daniel Young
OsianKeogh Kiernan
Professor RhysMarc Antolin
MikeMatthew Aubrey
Evan HowellsBradley Freegard
RoseCelia Imrie
DS WilliamsEiry Thomas
Lisa ConnorsCatherine Ayers
Steve BaldiniMark Lewis Jones
Alys HowellsDemi Letherby
Angie BaldiniMartha Bright
Megan HowellsLacey Jones
Delyth LloydSuzanne Packer
Tom HowellsAneirin Hughes
DI Laurence BreezeRhashan Stone
David TateDan Thomas
Julie PenryMaria Pride
Lord Justice PrenticeKarl Johnson


DirectorPip Broughton
Executive producerAdrian Bate
ProducerPip Broughton
ProducerLlyr Morus
WriterPip Broughton

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