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Deutschland 89

  • Season 1
  • 8 episodes
  • Drama

Episode 4: Operation Condor


When Martin wakes up in Frankfurt, he finds himself in the middle of preparations for a major terrorist attack and realises that Max and Nicole are in danger. He encounters his aunt Lenora when he desperately tries to prevent the attack's success. Meanwhile, Fuchs and Dietrich prepare to leave East Germany for good. Drama, starring Jonas Nay and Maria Schrader. In German.


Friday is German-language-drama night all of a sudden, with horror thriller Hausen starting over on Sky Atlantic. Meanwhile, Deutschland 89 is on punchy form as several of its story arcs collide on the streets of Frankfurt. 

The underground outfit that Martin has infiltrated decamp there in a minibus, ostensibly for an illegal concert. But Martin’s son Max is with him (which seems like careless parenting), as well as Max’s resourceful and beautiful teacher, Nicole…

In one pin-sharp scene, they are caught in a nightmarish stand-off while Max plays a shoot-’em-up on a 1980s video console, oblivious. It’s a typically strange, hyper-real moment but there are other games afoot too. 

Lenora, Martin’s lethal aunt, is also in Frankfurt, as it happens… and we get a great little comic subplot as ex-Stasi creep Fritz tries to tout himself as the GDR’s answer to Steve Jobs, selling the latest in personal computers.

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Martin RauchJonas Nay
Lenora RauchMaria Schrader
Walter SchweppenstetteSylvester Groth
BeateCorinna Harfouch
Nicole ZangenSvenja Jung
Tina FischerFritzi Haberlandt
Brigitte WinkelmannLavinia Wilson
Rose SeithathiFlorence Kasumba
Fritz HartmannNiels Bormann
Markus Fuchs/Marcus FuchsUwe Preuss
Barbara DietrichAnke Engelke
Ingrid RauchCarina Wiese
Tobias TischbierAlexander Beyer
Hector ValdezRaul Casso
MaxAri Kurecki
Carl BaumgartenRainer Sellien
Sabine BaumgartenSamia Chancrin
Grigore AntonescuEmil Hostina
ConnyLuise von Finckh
SvenEnno Trebs
Cassian BaumgartenAlessandro Schuster
Klaus MeierMarco Hofschneider
RolfNicolais Borger
CIA assistantNaomi Marne

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