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  • Season 1
  • 8 episodes
  • Drama

Episode 5: Timisoara Rebellion


Martin and Nicole head after Lenora who is seeking refuge with Grigore in Romania, the last stronghold the communists retain. Schweppenstette uses HVA tactics to win over a dogmatic State Bank employee, while Fritz's enterprise takes a surprising turn. Drama, starring Jonas Nay. In German.


Sometimes, let’s be honest, this Walter Presents drama can feel stagey. There’s an artificiality in the way its characters drift through tableaux, making symbolic points about capitalism or communism. But the thing is, it works. It’s all so coolly done, they make a virtue of the theatricality and get away with stuff that might feel clunky anywhere else. 

In this week’s episode, the Romanian revolution is suggested by scenes that unfold inside a faded luxury restaurant in Timisoara, where languid Lenora and her Securitate agent end up, while outside protesters march against the Ceausescu regime. (Despite smartly dressed waiters, the restaurant has no food, it turns out; it’s like the set of an absurdist play). 

Meanwhile, plucky Martin and Nicole are hoping to hunt Lenora down across Europe, but they need the help of the two Russian soldiers we met in an earlier episode, one of whom, understandably, is in love with Nicole.

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Martin RauchJonas Nay
Lenora RauchMaria Schrader
Walter SchweppenstetteSylvester Groth
BeateCorinna Harfouch
Nicole ZangenSvenja Jung
Tina FischerFritzi Haberlandt
Brigitte WinkelmannLavinia Wilson
Rose SeithathiFlorence Kasumba
Fritz HartmannNiels Bormann
Markus Fuchs/Marcus FuchsUwe Preuss
Barbara DietrichAnke Engelke
Ingrid RauchCarina Wiese
Tobias TischbierAlexander Beyer
Hector ValdezRaul Casso
Grigore AntonescuEmil Hostina
RomanAnton Rubtsov
OlegOleg Tikhomirov
SvenEnno Trebs
EmilioAlessandro Demcenko
Sales assistantGitta Witzel

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