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Deutschland 89

  • Season 1
  • 8 episodes
  • Drama


In November 1989, GDR superspy Martin Rauch must deal with the consequences of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the opening up to the West. In German with English subtitles.


Episode 2: November Nights


Various agencies vie for control of Martin, al of them offering him the same options - get arrested, get hired or get killed. However, he knows he must find a way to keep Max safe. Brigitte Winkelmann and CIA agent Hector Valdez task Martin with infiltrating a group of West Germans. Rose pays Lenora a visit, while Schweppenstette begrudgingly accepts a mission in Frankfurt. Drama, starring Jonas Nay, Raul Casso and Maria Schrader. In German.


It’s the morning after the night before. The Berlin Wall has fallen. East Germans can travel freely at last. And at the offices of the HVA (a division of the Stasi) the shifty agents and handlers we know well are ransacking their files, shredding what they can, in dread of what the West might do next.

It’s a good image for communist collapse, but our superspy hero Martin looks as doe-eyed and calm as ever. The Russians are sending men to abduct his son to Moscow; meanwhile, the CIA, the French and the West Germans all want to recruit him. But through it all Martin looks as if he has broken off watching a Sunday-afternoon movie.

Mind you, he can get mean when he wants to. “I’m done with all the secret agent stuff,” he tells a CIA guy at one point, before pulling a move straight from the 007 playbook. But Bond never played jazz piano like Martin.

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Martin RauchJonas Nay
Lenora RauchMaria Schrader
Walter SchweppenstetteSylvester Groth
BeateCorinna Harfouch
Nicole ZangenSvenja Jung
Tina FischerFritzi Haberlandt
Brigitte WinkelmannLavinia Wilson
Rose SeithathiFlorence Kasumba
Fritz HartmannNiels Bormann
Markus Fuchs/Marcus FuchsUwe Preuss
Barbara DietrichAnke Engelke
Ingrid RauchCarina Wiese
Tobias TischbierAlexander Beyer
Hector ValdezRaul Casso
MaxAri Kurecki
Carl BaumgartenRainer Sellien
Sabine BaumgartenSamia Chancrin
ConnyLuise von Finckh
SvenEnno Trebs
NikolaiAlexander Finkenwirth

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