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Deutschland 89

  • Season 1
  • 8 episodes
  • Drama


In November 1989, GDR superspy Martin Rauch must deal with the consequences of the fall of the Berlin Wall and the opening up to the West. In German with English subtitles.


Episode 1: Kyrie Eleison


New series. November 1989 sees political unrest and the HVA short-staffed. Fritz approaches East German spy Martin Rauch for a `simple' courier job - stop further liberal reforms from being passed by the GDR government and carry out a political assassination if necessary. Martin doesn't want to touch this job, but his son Max's future is at risk so he agrees. Once he's in position, he goes rogue and his mission snowballs, culminating in East Germans flooding over the border into West Berlin. Meanwhile, his aunt Lenora has become radicalized in prison and is very angry about the sudden events taking place in her beloved state, and Fritz infiltrates a group who hope to turn East Germany into a socialist Utopia. Drama sequel, starring Jonas Nay, Maria Schrader and Sylvester Groth. In German.


As we rejoin East German spy Martin Rauch, he is sitting in an entirely white room – white table, white chairs – with one red telephone, on which he speaks with a woman in Moscow...before hurling the phone against a wall. 

It’s the kind of heightened visual style that helped make the Deutschland trilogy (we’ve previously had 83 and 86) such a hit – Britain’s most-watched foreign- language drama, no less. But this is now the final series, and we look on as the GDR starts to collapse, seeing what that means for the often surprisingly sympathetic characters in a branch of the Stasi we have come to know well, in their wood-panelled rooms and seedy suits.

The first episode puts Martin (Jonas Nay) at the heart of events building up to the moment when the Berlin Wall falls and East Germans start fleeing to the West. He has saved his country before. Can he do so again?

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Martin RauchJonas Nay
Lenora RauchMaria Schrader
Walter SchweppenstetteSylvester Groth
BeateCorinna Harfouch
Nicole ZangenSvenja Jung
Tina FischerFritzi Haberlandt
Brigitte WinkelmannLavinia Wilson
Rose SeithathiFlorence Kasumba
Fritz HartmannNiels Bormann
Markus FuchsUwe Preuss
Barbara DietrichAnke Engelke
Ingrid RauchCarina Wiese
Tobias TischbierAlexander Beyer
Hector ValdezRaul Casso
Max SchneiderAri Kurecki
ConnyLuise von Finckh
SvenEnno Trebs
Nina RudowLena Lauzemis
HansFlorian Steffens
KorowkinaLily Idov
Krenz’s assistantFrieder Venus

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