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  • Season 2
  • 16 episodes
  • Children's


Comedy observational panel show for the preschool audience starring Justin Fletcher. Arthur Sleep hosts this slapstick quiz show featuring guests and clips from Gigglebiz.


Episode 12: Wizard Tripwick’s New Wand


Arthur Sleep is joined by team captains Gail Force and Keith Fitt in this slapstick quiz show featuring guests and clips from Gigglebiz. Joining Gail and Keith for today’s GiggleQuiz are Wizard Tripwick and Captain Adorable. Round 1 features clips starring Professor Muddles showing off his recycling machine, and Dina Lady delivering one of her delicious cakes. Wizard Tripwick tries to guess the answer by using his wand. It all goes wrong in a very messy way, and a large cake ends up all over Gail. Wizard Tripwick receives a package from a magical pigeon, unwrapping it to reveal a brand new wand. Keen to test it out, he conjures Gail a cup of tea. Unfortunately, this new wand is more powerful than he thought! Round 2 is Nana’s Panto Showdown, and this time it features Nana’s frogs hopping into the pond to look for her socks. Round 3 features a clip starring DIY Dan making a garden for his gnomes. Wizard Tripwick is confident he’s got the hang of this new wand and offers help to everyone who buzzes in. Unfortunately, the wand is still too powerful, and throughout the round Wizard Tripwick turns Gail into a garden gnome, Keith and Captain Adorable into trees and even himself into a watering can! By the time the klaxon sounds, a bemused Arthur is left surrounded by talking objects instead of panelists. But the quiz continues, and the winning team is revealed!

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