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America's Sex Traffic Cops

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A dedicated team of female police officers in Arizona help underage sex workers get off the streets, and free of sex trafficking, in this powerful film from BAFTA-winning filmmaker Jezza Neumann


Episode 1: America's Sex Traffic Cops


Documentary following a team of female police officers trying to pull 15-year-old Nadia away from selling sex on the streets of Phoenix, Arizona, a life she has been lured into. Film-maker Jezza Neumann gets to know not only Nadia, and another victim called Kat, but also goes home with the officers, meeting their kids, and learning what drives them to go to such lengths to reach out to girls on the streets, who often see them as the enemy.


Director Jezza Neumann, winner of multiple awards, including two Baftas, here embeds himself with the Human Exploitation and Anti-Trafficking unit in Phoenix, Arizona, to explore the reality of sex work in a modern US city. Amid chilling scenes following the cases of two young girls, we also get to know the remarkable female cops of the unit and what motivates them.

One explains, “I’ve seen myself evolve over the years from looking at these women as criminals and arresting them to: ‘Why are you in this life? What can we do to get you out of it? What are you missing?’” The catch is, many sex workers initially insist the life is their choice, and try desperately to protect their traffickers.

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DirectorJezza Neumann
Executive producerBrian Woods
ProducerJezza Neumann
ProducerLauren Mucciolo

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