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Fireman Sam

  • Season 12
  • 13 episodes
  • Children's


Series 12 follows the adventures of Fireman Sam and Pontypandy’s new Police Constable Malcolm Williams! Together, they face any danger, big or small!


Red Hot Chilli Nibbles/Record Breakers/Poorly Penny/Pontypandy Slickers/Pontypandy Pioneers


It's Malcolm's first day in Pontypandy, but Bronwyn's welcome party nibbles turn out a bit too fiery for everyone's tastes. / Norman Mandy and the twins go fossil-hunting in the mountains with Moose. Norman is determined to collect more fossils than the others. / On Fireman Sam's day off the crew are inundated with the Jones' emergencies. Firefighter Penny Morris has caught a cold but she still tries to perform her firefighter duties. / Norman Mandy Sarah and James are participating in Moose’s Wild West Experience. Sam and Penny rescue Mandy and her horse after they fall down a slope and get tangled in bushes. / With Fireman Sam out on an emergency Trevor Evans leads some young explorers on a nature walk to the Mountain Rescue Centre but is he up to it?

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