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Fireman Sam

  • Season 12
  • 13 episodes
  • Children's


Series 12 follows the adventures of Fireman Sam and Pontypandy’s new Police Constable Malcolm Williams! Together, they face any danger, big or small!


Great Billboard of Fire/Pioneer Peril/Space Sandwich/Operation Sea Turtle/Escape from Dinosaur Island


As Norman and Mike compete to promote their separate shows, Mike's electric billboard is suddenly on fire and rolling downhill towards a fuel truck. / The Pontypandy Pioneers are out to earn their raft building badge. James learns a lesson when some faulty wires for his tablet charger start a fire. / Hannah, James and Sarah launch a sandwich into space and a surprise rescue mission when their space images capture a flare in the mountains! / A sea turtle has been spotted off the coast of Pontypandy and everyone is doing their part to clean up the ocean. / It's Dinosaur Experience Day and Norman does his best to convince Derek that there is a real live dinosaur on Pontypandy Island.

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