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Love Monster

  • Season 2
  • 27 episodes
  • Children's


Join Love Monster as he learns to navigate life, friendship and emotions as the only monster in a town full of cute baby animals.


Episode 17: Day After Woo Hoo Day Day


A half-asleep Love Monster exits his house and walks towards the green, passing snoozing citizens on the way. He notices that the whole of the green is covered with litter and snoring Fluffytowners. Love Monster remembers that yesterday was Woo Hoo Day and the whole of Fluffytown had a big party - which makes today the Day After Woo Hoo Day. Love Monster attempts to clean up all of the mess on his own as a nice surprise for his friends, but he struggles and soon realises that it is a very big job. He should ask for help! He wakes everyone up, saying if everyone picks up one piece of litter each, they can tidy up the green in no time. Elder Kitten says he knows just the song for the job. Love Monster and Elder Kitten lead the Fluffytowners in singing a funky, tidying up song as they each pick up a piece of litter to clean the green. Everyone takes their piece of litter to the recycling centre where they queue up to do their bit for the environment.

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