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Love Monster

  • Season 2
  • 27 episodes
  • Children's


Join Love Monster as he learns to navigate life, friendship and emotions as the only monster in a town full of cute baby animals.


Episode 16: Frosty Frolics Day


It's Frosty Frolics Day, and Love Monster plans to spend it with Bad Idea Puppy and his cousin Good Idea Puppy, who has come to visit. Love Monster thinks that since Good Idea Puppy is the guest, she should choose which activity they do first. She decides that they should start with the ice slide. Love Monster and Good Idea Puppy go together and have a great time, but Bad Idea Puppy has to go on his own and struggles to slide down. After the slide, they visit the Frosty Frolics Fayre, and Good Idea Puppy and Love Monster accidentally choose activities made for two all day long. Finally, just as Love Monster and Good Idea Puppy are about to go on a tandem ski through the forest, Bad Idea Puppy asks if this time he can go with his cousin so he won't be the odd puppy out. Love Monster happily agrees, but soon he realises that frosty frolics aren't fun on your own, and that Bad Idea Puppy must have been feeling left out all day.

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