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Love Monster

  • Season 2
  • 27 episodes
  • Children's


Join Love Monster as he learns to navigate life, friendship and emotions as the only monster in a town full of cute baby animals.


Episode 5: Fluffytown Rocks Day


Love Monster is practising a very complicated DJ spin, but he can’t get it right. He takes a break and sees Elder Panda, who is struggling to get a potted flower from leaning the wrong way. Love Monster removes a heart-shaped rock from underneath its pot and fixes the problem. Elder Panda thanks him and tells him it is lucky he found that rock as heart-shaped rocks are very rare indeed. Love Monster thinks it must be a lucky rock. Love Monster then tries his complicated DJ spin again and can do it - that rock really is lucky! He rushes out to tell everyone about it. As he does, Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny trips up, and the mac and cheese dishes she is carrying go flying, but Love Monster manages to catch them all - that must be thanks to the lucky rock again! Then Love Monster helps Bad Idea Puppy with his guitar slide but manages to lose his lucky rock - and now its time for his DJ set! He decides to go without his lucky rock and not do his special DJ spin. It all goes really well so he decides to try the spin after all and he does it. Bad Idea Puppy comes running up and says he has found the lucky rock. Love Monster still really likes the rock, but decides from now on he will make his own luck.

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