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Love Monster

  • Season 2
  • 27 episodes
  • Children's


Join Love Monster as he learns to navigate life, friendship and emotions as the only monster in a town full of cute baby animals.


Episode 4: Sleepover Night


Love Monster is having his first ever sleepover night with Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny in a tent in his garden, and to make it extra special, he buys a snooze cloud pillow, which has double the bounce and triple the comfort. Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny arrives, and it is soon clear they do things very differently. Love Monster has a night-time hot chocolate, while Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny drinks cold carrot juice. She brushes her teeth, and he flosses. Love Monster likes a bedtime story, while Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny prefers music. This confuses Love Monster - he thought everyone does the same things at bedtime. Then Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny starts snoring and talking in her sleep and grabbing all the covers. They both end up on the floor and decide there isn't room for both of them on the snooze-cloud. Love Monster goes to his bedroom, and Tiniest Fluffiest Bunny stays in the tent. But later that night, Love Monster decides to give it another try and makes her cold carrot juice, and she makes him hot chocolate. Then they discover the snooze-cloud opens up, so there is more than enough space for them, which means they can have a sleepover exactly the way they wanted.

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