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Episode 1: The Golden Age of Cinema - Part One


The history of cinema, told through interviews and analysis from some of its greatest directors and talents. The first of a two-part examination of its so-called golden age begins in the 1930s, as talking pictures take hold in Hollywood.


Here’s something different from news channel CNN: a 12-part series celebrating cinema – Hollywood cinema, that is. It’s produced by Gary Goetzman and Tom Hanks, and is basically a parade of clips from the 1930s to today, with a glittering selection of talking heads on hand to explain their importance and context.

With a brief nod to the silent era, we start off in “the Golden Age”, when talkies provided solace to millions during the Depression, and the studio system came into its own. The number of excerpts is prodigious – you’ll probably know most of the films on show (and the stories to go with them), but it’s an essential primer for anyone who thinks cinema began with Star Wars.

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