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The Fast Show: Just a Load of Blooming Catchphrases

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Paul Whitehouse, Charlie Higson, Arabella Weir, John Thomson, Mark Williams and Simon Day lift the lid on how The Fast Show happened and why has become such a cult classic over the past 25 years. There are classic clips galore as well as touching memories of much-missed cast member Caroline Aherne. Plus, some of the series' most popular characters reveal what they've been doing over the years in brand new, specially written pieces.



“Hi, I’m Ed Winchester!” If that cheery greeting warms your heart, welcome. If you can’t get a tickle in your throat without feeling like Bob Fleming (“Ah, that’s got it…”); if a heatwave for you is always scorchio; if you end stories with “…which was nice” or act like Competitive Dad when collecting rent in Monopoly; or if you just adore Jaaaazz… well, here’s a celebratory clip show that will – sorry – suit you, sir.

The cast are reunited to reflect on a sketch show that created a ridiculous wealth of characters, many of whom get fresh material so we can see what they’re up to now. (Swiss Toni is selling vaping fluids with “the manly smell of a pipe.”)

Sadly, of course, the gang are without Caroline Aherne, who died in 2016: in a moving moment John Thomson as Roy, once the put-upon husband of Aherne’s garrulous Renée, sits bereft on a sofa, looking lost.

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