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My Very First

  • Season 2
  • 10 episodes
  • Children's


My Very First follows the wondrous discovery of life for babies in their early years. Join them as they explore and interact with the world around them for the very first time.


Episode 4: Month 3 - Smiling


Join Charlie, Etti and their families as they discover the world around them at three months old and learn what makes them both smile. We join Etti, who is having a fun day out with her family at some local gardens. They see lots of different flowers and animals including a big rabbit statue! But will these make Etti and her sister, Grace, smile? Meanwhile, Charlie and his family are out visiting a zoo where they see lots of different birds. Mum does an impression that makes Charlie smile, so his family use an instant camera to take some lovely family photos - but what will they do with them? After a quick stop at the local park, Etti and Grace decide to stop at a friend’s house to play peek-a-boo together. Grace creates her own happy faces with cut-out features. Finally we see what Charlie and his family were taking photos for - a photo album! What a fun and special way to look back on their family day out.

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