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Little Big Awesome

  • Season 1
  • 26 episodes
  • Children's


Children's series.


Episode 10: Oh No, Ho Cho Jo!


Gluko and Lennon are at Hot Chocolate Jo’s, when Jo runs out of tofu milk. They offer to watch the shop while she’s out, to which she reluctantly agrees, emphasising that the most important thing is to make the customers happy. At first, Gluko and Lennon do a great job serving the customers, but when Jo says she’ll be gone longer than she thought, Lennon begins to freak out. By the time Jo returns, Ho Cho Jo’s is just an empty lot. According to the boys, there is no longer anything to dislike! Jo is angry at first, but softens when she realises that maybe the boys took her advice too literally. Jo agrees when they offer to build her a new shop, explaining that what matters most is that it comes from the heart. They should make a shop that they love rather than trying to please everyone.

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