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Episode 9: Natural World: Super Powered Eagles


Eagles are the most powerful birds in the sky, capable of tackling enormous prey, spotting food at vast distances and soaring for miles on the wing. Armed with cutting-edge filming technology, this documentary examines the science behind such extraordinary abilities. Featuring dramatic stories and some remarkable experiments, the film follows the story of a family of bald eagles in Iowa as two chicks face the challenges of life in the wild. Plus, bird specialist Lloyd Buck puts his trained golden eagle Tilly's skills to the test.


If you watch docs on National Geographic or Discovery, you’ll know American channels like to make wildlife films more dramatic with lots of manic music. The exciting news is that this style is now available on Natural World, with the opening sequence here – of various eagles doing their stuff – layered with music and sound effects you’d expect to find on the trailer for a film where Liam Neeson kills everyone.

Not to worry, things calm down and we get a perfectly pleasant documentary about different eagle species and “the science behind their superpowers” – how talons work, what eagle-eyed really means, and so on.

Nest cameras follow the early weeks of two bald eagle chicks in Iowa, following their ups and – alarmingly – downs. And a splendid golden eagle called Tilly is put through her paces on a Scottish glen while her owner calls her “my love” and shouts, enviously, “I wish I was you!”

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ProducerSimon Baxter
Series editorRoger Webb
Series producerHolly Spearing

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