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Episode 3: The Octopus in My House - Natural World: The Octopus in My House


Wildlife documentary observing Professor David Scheel as he takes an octopus into his home to learn about its intelligence, and the extraordinary relationship he and his daughter develop with the creature. Named Heidi, the octopus is seen unravelling puzzles, recognising individual humans and even watching TV with the family. The film also looks at the remarkable behaviour of other octopuses around the world, from those that can change their colour and texture in a split second to the octopus that carries around its own coconut shell to hide in.


A marine biologist living in Alaska wonders what would happen if he put a tank of salt water in his living room and tried cohabiting with an octopus. So cameras follow the process as he and his teenage daughter get to know Heidi, a female day octopus who – we gradually gather – is incredibly smart and sensitive, capable of play, recognising faces and thinking ahead.

Octopuses have “a very peculiar sentience”: their brains (and their eyes and hearts) evolved separately from every other intelligent creature because their branch of the evolutionary tree broke from ours so long ago. For instance, their arms have brains of their own. And their changes of colour (and texture) are always extraordinary to watch.

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DirectorAnna Fitch
Executive producerDavid Allen
Series editorRoger Webb
Series producerHolly Spearing

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