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Go Jetters

  • Season 3
  • 52 episodes
  • Children's


Join Xuli, Kyan, Lars, Foz and new cadet Tala, as they travel around the world with their disco-grooving mentor, Ubercorn and foil the plans of Grandmaster Glitch and his cheeky Grimbots.


Episode 47: Mission Manatee, USA


Lars and Kyan swim through the shallows of Crystal River in Florida. Kyan tests his new swimming fin, while Lars watches a manatee and her baby cruise by. Xuli is water-skiing further downstream in the open waters of Crystal Bay, while Foz and Ubercorn watch on from Jet Pad. Grandmaster Glitch is taking the tourist family on a mermaid spotting tour of Crystal River aboard his Grimmer-boat. As Glitch heads off in search of real mermaids, he accidentally startles the mother manatee. Ubercorn realises the manatee will be in danger from the speeding boats and from the cold deep water. The Go Jetters need to mount a manatee rescue quickly. While Xuli attempts to stop the speedboats, Foz launches the Vroomster. The baby manatee has become attached to Kyan, so Lars suggests he remains with her, while Lars and Foz go to save the mother. Kyan is not happy at having to play baby-sitter.

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