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Maddie's Do You Know?

  • Season 3
  • 25 episodes
  • Children's


Presenter Maddie Moate uses special cameras and animation as she explores the everyday world around us, finding out how things work and how they are made.


Episode 18: Waves and Ice Cream


Today, Maddie is having fun by the beach! She finds out how waves are formed far out to sea when the wind blows and how some of them are made by the tides. She visits a surfing centre and takes to the waves on a surfboard. Maddie attaches her special cameras to the surfboard to learn how the energy underneath the wave can carry us along and how when it reaches the shore the wave slows down and breaks. Next, Maddie visits a dairy farm and finds out how milk from cows is made into ice cream. She uses a special thermometer to show how cold the ice cream mixture is when it comes out of the batch freezer and turns from a liquid to a solid.

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