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Masha and the Bear

  • Season 3
  • 26 episodes
  • Children's

The Very Fairy Tale/Driving Lessons/A Ghost Story/Liar liar pants on fire!/Like Cat and Mouse/At Your Service/A Christmas Carol


The Bear still hopes to win the heart of the female Bear. When he finds an ancient gondola at the bottom of the forest lake he decides to invite the she-bear for a romantic ride! / Unexpected things happen in the forest; and Masha appears as a first-rate mechanic. / For the first time in her life Masha is frightened in earnest however this creepy story shook up the whole forest and now hardly anyone can stay away from these strange scenes! / Kids love daydreaming and to show off their imaginary successes don't they?! Masha and Panda grip into a real cheating competition... what do you think? Who is the winner? / Alert! Bear’s fridge is in danger! Someone has burst in his house to stay for life... but the Bear is ready for anything to defend his stock! / The technologies sometime can teach us a human lesson like in this story about two robots that suddenly fall in love with each other... / It’s always important to remember who your friends are. Masha is almost ready for the New Year when ghosts of the past visit her.

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