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Masha and the Bear

  • Season 3
  • 26 episodes
  • Children's

At Your Service/A Christmas Carol/Rock-A-Bye Baby!/Surprise! Surprise!/Three Mashketeers/We Come In Peace!/Tee for Three


The technologies sometime can teach us a human lesson like in this story about two robots that suddenly fall in love with each other.../It’s always important to remember who your friends are. Masha is almost ready for the New Year, when ghosts of the past visit her./Masha tries to fall into winter sleep like the Bear but classic counting sheep obviously spoil the pleasure! The lullaby turns into hilarious party with lots of dancing & singing! /The wolves come up with a new idea how to get a stable and nutritious food source... they rob a poultry farm and get a...rooster./The Bear prepares a present for Female Bear & hopes to give it personally, but unexpected battle with the bees ruins his hopes. /A spaceship makes an emergency landing in the Bear's courtyard. The aliens need to urgently replenish their supplies. Masha & Mishka help them fix the ship & return home./Panda and Masha are fooling around for days. To cope with stress, Bear needs a good rest. Will he be able to restore internal forces or two fidgets will not give him peace?

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