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Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast

  • Season 5
  • 12 episodes
  • Food

Episode 1: Jamie and Jimmy's Friday Night Feast


Guest Simon Pegg joins Jamie Oliver and Jimmy Doherty as they rustle up dishes for the weekend from their cafe on Southend Pier. On the menu is a melt-in-the mouth lamb tagine, inspired by Simon's time spent filming in Morocco. Jamie prepares an indulgent Provencal bake, made by layering pancakes and packing them full of smoked ham and oozy cheese. This series sees Jimmy use his DIY skills to create imaginative solutions to food dilemmas, starting with a Korean barbecue served to a wheelchair rugby team from an innovative picnic table. Plus, the boys champion for more free-range duck farming in the UK.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

The lads are back on Southend Pier and the first thing Jamie Oliver asks their guest Simon Pegg is, “You hungry? You like pancakes? You like cheese? Tomatoes and smoky ham?” Thankfully for him and the cheesy Provençal bake he’s about to make, the answer is yes to everything. “It’s fundamentally evil... a cheese festival in a pan,” says Pegg, having demolished a large portion.

Judging by the constant burbling of chatter in the background, the other guests – the lucky diners sitting at the café tables waiting to be fed – don’t appear to pay any attention to what’s going on in the kitchen. Watch a Hollywood star cooking a lamb tagine? Overhear some blokey banter between Jamie and Jimmy? Nope, I’ll chat to my mate instead.

And in a filmed report about free-range ducks, there’s the hilarious sight of Jimmy Doherty marooned in a sea of hundreds of cute ducklings. “I can’t move. Seriously, how do I get out of here?” he wails.

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