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Fireman Sam

  • Season 11
  • 13 episodes
  • Children's


More adventures in Pontypandy with the nation's favourite emergency worker.


Norman Man Vs Firedog/No Nurse Like You/Night of the Norman/Mother's Helper/Monster Mania


Norman Man and Atomic Boy are quick to test out their new-found powers when Joe’s robotic dog goes on the rampage causing Sam’s dream of a fire free month to goes up in flames. / Mike Flood and Helen Flood are having their anniversary party but a storm and a power cut end up causing a fire and Station Officer Steele to bump and hurt his nose. / After watching a zombie movie Norman mistakes the croaky winter bug for a zombie outbreak. / Helen goes away on a course leaving Mike to do all of the housework. When he leaves the iron on whilst he goes out to fix Dilys' washing machine a fire starts. / Norman films a glimpse of the Pontypandyness Monster using Joe Sparkes’ Submaster 2000 sparking Monster Mania in Pontypandy!

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