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Fireman Sam

  • Season 11
  • 13 episodes
  • Children's


More adventures in Pontypandy with the nation's favourite emergency worker.


The Prince in Pontypandy/The Treasure Trap/Rocky Rescue/Pest in Show/Hide and Seek


The prince comes to Pontypandy and everyone is making a fuss over him but he returns the favour and helps Fireman Sam and the team out. / When Sam is cast as the main lead in Mrs Chen's play Elvis decides to give him some tips on acting. / Pontypandy is holding a contest for its Most Talented Pet. Mandy and Sarah engage in a rivalry over whether Nipper or Lion will win. / While trying to park Venus Penny and Elvis accidentally end up breaking the pole in the fire station. Can Mike replace the pole in time? / Trevor takes the girls of Pontypandy to Newtown to see a One Way Street concert. But when the bus skids off the road Mandy still wants to keep going and gets into danger.

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