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Travel Man: 48 Hours In

  • Season 5
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Richard Ayoade returns as Travel Man in the new series of the BAFTA nominated programme. Every show is a guide to how to enjoy a 'maxi mini break'; showing the best way extract the most from each place visited in just two days.


Episode 1: Travel Man: 48 Hours in Rome


Reluctant tourist Richard Ayoade is joined by comedian Matt Lucas for a frenetic 48 hours in the Italian capital. Their first challenge is finding suitable headgear to protect from the scorching Italian sun. They then take a guided tour in vintage Fiat 500 cars, and after wending their way past the Circus Maximus finish atop Gianicolo Hill in time for the cannon being fired - a daily ritual since the 1850s. Next they head to the border of the Vatican, before experiencing the very best of modern Italian cuisine. Day two sees visits to the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum, perhaps Rome's most incredible antiquity.


A star rating of 4 out of 5.

Richard Ayoade is joined by “some of the most affordable names in the business” for more brief visits to fantastic cities. First, he’s joined by Matt Lucas (they’re a terrific double act) to visit Rome, where Ayoade says, “If you like old s**t, you’ve hit the melon-farming motherlode.” Of course there’s no useful information or reverential descriptions or tips on how to spend a weekend in Rome on a shoestring. But it’s brilliantly funny.

I loved their idea that the Trevi Fountain was named after Trevor McDonald and that Michelin-starred dining is wasted on Lucas because he has “the eating age of a nine-year-old – crisps and fizzy pop”. But the laugh-out-loud moment comes when they each order an inscription carved into a small marble tablet. What Ayoade ends up with is priceless.

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PresenterRichard Ayoade
ContributorMatt Lucas


DirectorNicola Silk
DirectorChris Richards
Executive producerSteve Gowans
ProducerNicola Silk
Series producerChris Richards

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