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The Amazing World of Gumball

  • Season 5
  • 40 episodes
  • Children's

The Ex/The Weirdo/The Menu/The Uncle/The Heist/The Petals/The Nuisance/The Best


Gumball discovers that Rob his old nemesis is neme-seeing someone else now. / When they see the school bullies making fun of Sussie Gumball and Darwin decide to try and help her act less weird. / When Richard hears the urban legend of a secret Joyful Burger, he will stop at nothing to devour it. / When Gumball finds out that their 8-bit friend Ocho has an Italian plumber called Mario for an uncle he assumes it’s ‘that’ Mario and says he’ll do anything to meet him. / Richard discovers that going into a bank whilst wearing a motorcycle helmet can land you in a lot of trouble. / When Leslie's petals begin falling off he feels like his good looks are fading Gumball and Darwin use everything they know about style and beauty to try and help him. / The Wattersons fear the worst when they are summoned to a Town Hall meeting but are pleasantly surprised when they're offered a brand new house. / When Carmen's nitpicking gets out of hand, Gumball decides to be the nitpickiEST.

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