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My Knight and Me

  • Season 1
  • 52 episodes
  • Children's

Attack Of The 50ft Squire/ The Helmet Of Epic/The Challenge/ Queen's Guard/ The Road Knight


When Jimmy finds he's too small to complete a squire competition in gym class, he sneaks a swig of Perlin's magic growing potion and soon realizes that he drank way too much! / Jimmy gets a helmet that will make him a fearless super-warrior (and impress his dad), but the gear turns out to be a cursed 'baddie magnet.' / After a foolhardy challenge causes Jimmy and Lance to be captured by Bad Jack, Henri and Wilfried must team up to save their squires. / After Jimmy and Cat stop thieves from robbing the Queen Cat hides so her mother doesn't find she's skipped school. But when the Queen celebrates Jimmy as a hero Cat gets jealous. / When the Black Rats are attacking all convoys supplying the kingdom Henri is sent with a supercarriage to defeat the Rats.

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