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My Knight and Me

  • Season 1
  • 52 episodes
  • Children's

The Return Of The Swan/The Leak/Who's That Squire/Not So Angry Knight/Invisible Jimmy/Henri The Rock Star


When Cynthia makes everybody believe she's the legendary Swan Cat and Jimmy must find a way to make her confess the truth before she (and Epic) gets into real danger... / Jimmy convinces Henri to repair a leak in Lady Fontaine's classroom. Henri ends up being appointed as the castle's Maintenance Official. / When Cat wants to enter a tournament to prove she’s as good as the squires Jimmy lends her a helmet so she can compete anonymously. / When the first live-action Angry knights game is announced Henri tells Jimmy games aren’t his thing. But when Jimmy picks the knight of Red Henri becomes a jealous daddy. / When Lance beats Jimmy by cheating in a gym class competition Jimmy vows to get revenge by using invisible ink to erase Lance’s name from the “Banner of the Brave.” / One of Henri's songs becomes such a hit that Henri turns rock star. Eager not to disappoint his fans he puts his career as a knight on hold.

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