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My Knight and Me

  • Season 1
  • 52 episodes
  • Children's

Queen's Guard/The Road Knight/Epic Traffic/The Stinky Swamp Witch/The Harvest Festival/Treasure Trap


After Jimmy and Cat stop thieves from robbing the Queen Cat hides so her mother doesn’t find she's skipped school. But when the Queen celebrates Jimmy as a hero Cat gets jealous. / When the Black Rats are attacking all convoys supplying the kingdom Henri is sent with a supercarriage to defeat the Rats. / When Jimmy pushes his dad into “good-deed overdrive” to be First Knight Henri goes too far and gets busted down to “Horse traffic duty. / When Jimmy and Cat find a witch’s broom they can’t resist taking it for a spin. But the fun quickly ends when their joyride inflames the rage of every witch of the Dark Lands. / Epic the Queen asks Henri to compose a song to lift the spirits of her beloved subjects for this year’s Harvest Festival. / As Henri and Bad Jack go head-to-head in a race to find an extremely rare treasure, Jimmy lies to Bjorn and then has to try to repair their friendship.

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