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My Knight and Me

  • Season 1
  • 52 episodes
  • Children's

The Mean Team/My Dad And Me/Caught On Tape/Red Dawn/Not So Fast/Princess Jimmy


When our trio lets success get to their heads they boast about their team and inadvertently inspire the Cursed Forest Witch and Bad Jack to create their own deadly duo. / When Jimmy complains that Henri treats him like a baby Henri lets him do “grownup” things for himself. / Jimmy Cat and Henri have to organise a fake kidnapping of Lance by Bjorn in order to retrieve Lance’s smart-mirror which contains films of Cat Henri and Jimmy in mission. / Jimmy squires for the Red Knight and his insistence on showing Red he’s a great squire causes Red to get captured by the Black Sorcerer. / When Jimmy loses Torpedo in a bet with Lance Lance trades Henri’s horse to the Black Rats. It’s not a good time as Henri has to deliver a peace agreement to enemies far away. / When Cat and Cynthia bicker in class Lady Fontaine assigns them as partners who have to make a gown together for the upcoming fashion show.

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