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My Knight and Me

  • Season 1
  • 52 episodes
  • Children's

The Dragon Rider/Cease Fire/The Sorcerers/Parent/Children Day/Lucky Tooth/Back To School


To show off Jimmy arrives at the castle flying on Bjorn and he pretends the dragon is his pet. But Wilfried captures the “monster” and Bad Jack threatens to burn Epic. / When the Queen wishes she could give her knights a break during a particularly intense period of battles with the Villains, Jimmy suggests she call a truce. / When Jimmy and Cat use science to help them win the school Sorcery Faire their classmates think they’re masters of the Dark Arts. / As Jimmy tells Cat and Bjorn about yet another cool day he had with Henri his two friends sigh their own parents aren’t as cool. / Henri thinks he wins his fights because he has a ridiculous ritual with a lucky charm. When Wilfried steals it, Henri loses his confidence as a knight, putting him in danger. / When Colbert catches Jimmy and the knights trading their assignments to get the mission worth the most victory points Colbert assigns the knights to go back to Squire School.

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