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My Knight and Me

  • Season 1
  • 52 episodes
  • Children's

Not So Fast/Princess Jimmy/Kurt The Shining Squire/Old Red/Jimmy Works Out/Sleeping Jack


When Jimmy loses Torpedo in a bet with Lance Lance trades Henri’s horse to the Black Rats. It’s not a good time as Henri has to deliver a peace agreement to enemies far away. / When Cat and Cynthia bicker in class Lady Fontaine assigns them as partners who have to make a gown together for the upcoming fashion show. / Jimmy wants to make a squire out of the school's doormat, Kurt, and teach him how to stand up for himself. / When Jimmy accidentally spills the beans to the Red Knight’s visiting father that Red is a gym teacher and not First Knight Grandpa Red expresses his disapproval. / Jimmy fears that being a “shrimp” will prevent him from getting knight missions when he grows up and decides to become a gym rat. But Jimmy is over-confident in his strength... / While Bad Jack gets some sleep he leaves Bjorn to guard his treasure. Bjorn enlists help from Jimmy and Cat who make a silly suggestion to keep thieves away.

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