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My Knight and Me

  • Season 1
  • 52 episodes
  • Children's

Operation Apple Pie/Mischief At Princess High/Getting Cheesy/At Her Majesty's Service/My Knight, My Dragon And Me/The Swan's...


When Cat insists the Queen let her babysit for her cousin Louis she discovers the 5-year-old is more of a rascal than she ever imagined. / Lady Fontaine leaves Princess High to dedicate herself to horse dance. But she’s a terrible horse rider and constantly risks her life. / When Cat’s impulsiveness causes her Jimmy and Henri to get captured by the Witch and the Black Rats Cat is obliged to drive the Witch to Epic. / When Cat has a school essay “your favourite legendary warrior” she eagerly talks about the Swan. But Lady Fontaine instantly rejects it claiming the Swan wasn’t a real person. / When an old cousin visits the Queen, Cat Jimmy and Henri are certain she’s a villain in disguise and Jimmy and Henri dress up as footmen to spy on her. / Jimmy, Cat and Bjorn set out to make Henri and Bad Jack become friends, so the kids can play Angry Knights without fear of being discovered by their enemy fathers.

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