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Fireman Sam

  • Season 10
  • 25 episodes
  • Children's


More adventures in Pontypandy with the nation's favourite emergency worker.


Ice Hockey Meltdown/Ice Cold In Pontypandy/Hot and Cold Running Sniffer Dog/Hot Air/Hide and Seek


It's freezing and Mike Flood is building an ice rink in his back garden. The kids are going to play ice hockey on it - except Norman can't skate and so is forced to use an aid. / Trevor is driving his bus in the near by town of Newtown but he skids off the road and lands in a nearby lake Moose. / Mike doesn't believe that Radar is a rescue dog but he is soon proved wrong after he falls and breaks his arm in the Whole Fish Cafe cellar. / It's a very hot day in Pontypandy and Trevor Evans refuses to accept that his old bus may not make it up the mountain. When the engine overheats Trevor ignores Norman's advice. / Trevor takes the girls of Pontypandy to Newtown to see a One Way Street concert. But when the bus skids off the road Mandy still wants to keep going and gets into danger.

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