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  • 2016
  • Season 2
  • 8 episodes
  • Drama


The second series of the acclaimed drama with Carrie-Anne Moss and Katherine Parkinson. Niska is living as a fugitive in Berlin, while the other Synths are laying low in the UK.


Episode 1: Humans


Return of the sci-fi drama. Several months after the climax of the first series, living machines Leo, Max and Mia are living in hiding in a coastal town, but their secret is threatened by a very special synth and a mysterious organisation. Niska is on the run in Berlin and is driven to a fateful decision, the Hawkins family tries to get their lives back on track, and a scientist is recruited by a tech company for an experiment in artificial intelligence. Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) joins the cast.


Rating: 4 out of 5.

It’s not easy for the new series of Channel 4’s robo-fable to arrive just as HBO’s Westworld is covering similar ground, and with about ten times the budget. But its fans won’t care – they’ll just plug back in to the brilliant, brainy allegory that has big themes pulsing just below its synthetic skin.

It’s a different beast to Westworld, less a blockbuster, more an indie movie. It also feels more assured this time round – as befits Channel 4’s biggest drama hit in 20 years.

As we rejoin the near-future world where android “Synths” do much of the work, one of our heroines, Niska, is in Berlin. She is one of a small group of Synths with a special code that has given them desires and feelings – code that she releases into the system, prompting “awakenings” around the world…

One Synth’s response to feeling her first emotions is lovely: “There’s too much contradictory data,” she says. “Nothing makes sense.” Perhaps Synth-saver Leo (Colin Morgan) can help.

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Dr Athena MorrowCarrie-Anne Moss
MiaGemma Chan
Leo ElsterColin Morgan
MaxIvanno Jeremiah
NiskaEmily Berrington
Laura HawkinsKatherine Parkinson
Toby HawkinsTheo Stevenson
Mattie HawkinsLucy Carless
Joe HawkinsTom Goodman-Hill
Sophie HawkinsPixie Davies
BarbaraJosie Lawrence
AstridBella Dayne
TenRaphael Acloque
EdSam Palladio
HesterSonya Cassidy
RowanLauren Carse
Dr AvelingClaudia Harrison
JansenAnthony Flanagan
GavinIan Burfield
Milo KhouryMarshall Allman
ArtieSam Woolf
V.Chloe Wicks
EngineerCallum Adams


DirectorLewis Arnold
Executive producerJonathan Brackley
Executive producerSam Vincent
Executive producerLars Lundstrom
Executive producerHenrik Widman
Executive producerDerek Wax
Executive producerChris Fry
ProducerPaul Gilbert
WriterJonathan Brackley
WriterSam Vincent

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