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The Big Bang Theory

  • 2017
  • Season 10
  • 24 episodes
  • Sitcom


The universe of Leonard & Sheldon is endlessly complicated and hilarious as THE BIG BANG THEORY enters the tenth dimension! Last season, Leonard and Penny went from next-door neighbors to next-door newlyweds. This season, they’ll do it again with family. Meanwhile, Amy & Sheldon contemplate a coitus clause; Howard & Bernadette prepare for a little Wolowitz: and Raj juggles two girlfriends!


Episode 1: The Conjugal Conjecture


The friends struggle through an awkward morning after Sheldon's mother and Leonard's father share an evening together. Penny's family arrives in town to attend Penny and Leonard's second wedding ceremony. Keith Carradine, Laurie Metcalf, Christine Baranski and Judd Hirsch guest star.


A star rating of 4 out of 5.

E4’s million-plus fans of the long-running boff-com have had to wait nearly four months for more helpings of megamind mirth. So thank goodness season ten opens with something memorable. You’ll remember the clans converging for Penny and Leonard’s second wedding, and the awkwardness of Sheldon’s mum pairing up with Leonard’s dad? Well, add Penny’s family to the mix, plus Leonard’s mum threatening to leave, and you have a potent cocktail.

It’s a Large Hadron Collider of an episode, though with so many characters bouncing off each other in just 22 minutes, a double-length resumption would have been better.

But just enjoy the skilful playing of comedy alumni Judd Hirsch, Laurie Metcalf and Christine Baranski, and see how a tender moment – in this case a lump-to-the-throat declaration at the (spoiler alert!) wedding – can scorch through all the withering smarts like a bunsen burner.

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Leonard HofstadterJohnny Galecki
Sheldon CooperJim Parsons
PennyKaley Cuoco
Howard WolowitzSimon Helberg
Raj KoothrappaliKunal Nayyar
Amy Farrah FowlerMayim Bialik
Bernadette RostenkowskiMelissa Rauch
Dr Beverly HofstadterChristine Baranski
WyattKeith Carradine
Mary CooperLaurie Metcalf
Alfred HofstadterJudd Hirsch

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