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The Big Bang Theory

  • 2017
  • Season 10
  • 24 episodes
  • Sitcom


The universe of Leonard & Sheldon is endlessly complicated and hilarious as THE BIG BANG THEORY enters the tenth dimension! Last season, Leonard and Penny went from next-door neighbors to next-door newlyweds. This season, they’ll do it again with family. Meanwhile, Amy & Sheldon contemplate a coitus clause; Howard & Bernadette prepare for a little Wolowitz: and Raj juggles two girlfriends!


Episode 2: The Military Miniaturisation


Howard has a meeting with Colonel Williams, a representative from the US air force's department of material command, about the gyroscope he invented with Leonard and Sheldon. Penny accidentally reveals that Bernadette is pregnant to their colleagues at work. Dean Norris guest stars.


A star rating of 4 out of 5.

Now that Penny and Leonard are married (again), The Big Bang Theory clears the lab of all extraneous personnel and focuses on Howard and Bernadette. Arguably the series’ least likeable couple (though it has to be said they’re reliable providers of the funnies), they are now handed storylines that could generate more sympathy.

Howie is again visited by a menacing military man (Breaking Bad’s Hank!) over his invention, while Bernie is upset by someone blabbing to her work colleagues that she’s pregnant. (As a microbiologist, she ought to have declared that herself, but we’ll overlook that!)

It’s a tighter, more recognisable formula than last week’s outing, with a one-liner-packed script, and Sheldon’s pathological inability to let a mistake go uncorrected is potently manifested.

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Leonard HofstadterJohnny Galecki
Sheldon CooperJim Parsons
PennyKaley Cuoco
Howard WolowitzSimon Helberg
Raj KoothrappaliKunal Nayyar
Amy Farrah FowlerMayim Bialik
Bernadette RostenkowskiMelissa Rauch
Col Richard WilliamsDean Norris

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